Line of trading products:

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Trading goods requirement:

1- The purchasing can start by buyer’s LOR (Letter of Request) and follow with opening the LC (Letter of Credit)

2- Need a complete description of product’s info, and documents.

A- LOR should come from a direct buyer, whoever is buying goods.

B- Needed the quantity, and how often you will place an order.

C- specification on the good.

D- Type of goods.

F- Are you buying for your company, or are you going to sell into the market?

G- Need Market volume, big, small volume, med-volume, or high volume.

H- Company bio and history of trading along with financial back up.

we are open to helping you out with many other products that are not listed here. However, we might be able to support you by sending us your (LOR) letter.

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    ICINC would like to hear from our potential cline if you are interested in setting up a manufacturing company to provide the product on your market. By providing us with your LOR (Letter of Request) which follows documentation to inform us what type of technology and equipment as a client asking from our company to enable us to get a complete picture regarding your business.

  • Once we have your request and the documentation, we will review that and if additional information we are in need, we will contact you to make your project come to fruition.

  • Also, we can help you to see if you are meeting the requirement for a brand name product or business name. We will support you by submitting your LOR and document regarding branding business. As we all know every technology and branding company has their specific requirement which we will inform you of when we receive your LOR letter.

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international company inc

Line of trading products:

1-Health care center and hospital equipment.

2-Health & Beauty products.

3-Chemical products / Detergents.

4-Petrochemical products.

5-Construction tools and materials.

6-CAT tolls diamond blades and wireless tools and batteries.

8-Home hand tools and products.

9-Food products / commodities as follows.

10-Premium Rice.




14-Energy drink and cocktails.

15-Cascara Tea.

16-infant Formula.


18-Freeze-dried Coffee.

19-Green Coffee.

20-Vina milk Toddler Formula.